Making a career in the Ruhr region

There are excellent opportunities for an exciting career in the Ruhr region - both for qualified workers and experts in the fields of research and science. Because business in the Metropole Ruhr is undergoing a transformation. Following the dominance of the coal and steel industry, in recent decades the region has undergone a structural transition to a society based on technology and knowledge. New markets are developing and having key effects on the labour market.

New markets call for specialist, qualified workers

Today, industry remains a key economic sector in the Ruhr region, primarily due to the fact that it is expanding into newly-forming markets in the technology sector. The challenges of society and the global climate still determine the development of the markets in the Metropole Ruhr. Highly-specialised companies developing new technologies in the fields of climate, the environment and medical care require equally highly-specialised personnel. The same also applies for the challenges in the booming logistics segment.

Scientists required for innovative ideas

There is a particular need for science in the economic sectors specialising in the global and social challenges of the future. Innovative and sustainable solutions are required both as a result of climate change and the demographic shift and in view of increased requirements of data security and logistics. Numerous research institutes and universities in the Ruhr region are already working hand in hand with business. Experts are therefore urgently required at both levels.

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