Training and education: Learning a new profession in the Ruhr region

Studying at university is not essential in order to acquire vocational qualifications with good future employment prospects. A vocational education with a company in the Ruhr region will also make you a sought-after potential employee on the labour market.

Vocational education: Ideal opportunities on the labour market

Generally speaking, there is an urgent requirement for qualified, skilled employees at small and medium-sized companies that develop and manufacture innovative and highly-specialised technologies or products. In technically-oriented companies in particular it is not just engineers that are required, but also skilled workers who have completed vocational training in a technical or trades field. In the Ruhr region there is a series of highly-specialised small and medium-sized companies that are global leaders in their field with their products and technologies.

In sectors that already have a shortage of skilled employees career-starter workforce entrants with completed vocational training or education have ideal prospects for finding a position. For example, in the Ruhr region there is particular demand for trained mechatronics experts, electronics experts or plant technicians in fields such as the climate and energy sector or medical technology. Vocational training also offers good prospects in the healthcare sector, for example in geriatric care.


TalentMetropolis Ruhr – 53 cities. 53.000 opportunities.

With its TalentMetropolis Ruhr the Initiativkreis Ruhr, a union of about 70 leading regional commercial enterprises and institutions, bundles a broad variety of opportunities regarding information and preparation for professional trainings, internships or studies. In the metropolitan Ruhr area thousands of enterprises, associations, communities, chambers, schools, universities, foundations and institutions get involved in education. They promote children, teenager, young adults and professionals. The TalentMonitor Ruhr pools these offers. The data bank is directly integrated in the educational portal and works like a search engine. The website supports interested pupils, apprentices, students and parents in finding suitable offers

TalentMetropolis Ruhr

Versatile and practice-oriented

Vocational training in Germany is multifaceted, varied and especially practice-oriented. It consists of a theoretical and a practical part. This system of training is therefore known as "dual vocational training". The theoretical part is taught to you by teachers in a vocational school, whilst the vocational practice is learnt directly at a company where you complete your apprenticeship.

All important information regarding dual vocational training in Germany can be found here:


Dual vocational training in Germany
General information on vocational training in Germany


Prerequisites for training
Information on visas, school qualifications and language skills

  • Further information on vocational training in Germany can be found in this guide issued by the federal ministry of economy:

Guide to "Vocational training in Germany"

  • With their apprenticeship exchange the chambers of industry and commerce offer the opportunity to look for places in vocational training:


IHK apprenticeship exchange

  • In the following job exchange you can look for vocational training places in various towns and cities of the Ruhr region:


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