Skilled employees required for specialist companies

The structural transition and reorganisation of the region currently determines the economic alignment of the Ruhr region, calling for new entrepreneurial solutions. In the course of this transition, a variety of companies located here have achieved a high degree of specialisation, in many cases positioning themselves as global market leaders in their fields.

Working in the Ruhr region

The Ruhr region has Long ranked amongst the most significant economic centres in Europe. With its traditionell coal and steel centered industries no longer providing a viable foundation for the future, the Ruhr region is now reestablishing itself with new economic focus.

Qualified employees are in high demand in these areas

Companies based in the Ruhr region have developed a particulary high degree of specialisation in the following sectors. Qualified employees are in high demand in these areas.

  • Global challenges, such as climate change, resource scarcity, or demographic transitions, call for intelligent and sustainable solutions from business and industry.
  • Companies specialising in resource efficiency offer global Solutions for climate and environmental technology, water management, waste and recycling. The high degree of specialisation and inherently innovative nature of these companies make the Ruhr region, and this sector, especially attracitve for highly-qualified specialists.


  • The Metropole Ruhr conurbation, with its population of five million People, boasts a naturally high density of clinics. In need of innovative solutions, this sector boasts a high demand for skilled workers throughout the various fields that make up healthcare.
  • The majority of healthcare specialists work in the fields of in-patient and out-patient care, in state-of-the-art hospitals. In addition, the Ruhr region also has a large number of medical research establishments. Efforts to establish an integrated Network, as well as connecting individuals throughout the industry, have been made to better serve the patients and further improve cooperation for the benefit of all parties involved.
  • The Ruhr region is following new and innovative paths in the field of healthcare. Models for integrated care are already being tested out. Skilled personnel are required to satisfy the new demands of research and care, with the ability to face new and interdisciplinary challenges. 
  • An increased need for qualified staff, including doctors and nurses, has been a recent trend in the industry. Furthermore, an increasing number of foreign born patients, requiring additional language skills, make successful and thorough care more challenging. Thankfully the Ruhr region has a Long tradition of welcoming skilled workers from abroad, and provides language and integration programs to aid and foster our diverse community.  
  • Medical technology is a growing sector of the healthcare field, and many young and highly-specialised companies have already established themselves in the Ruhr region. This further increases the need for young, talented and skilled professionals. 
  • No other German region is as well and systematically developed in the area of transport as the Metropole Ruhr. A high level of goods transhipment and the development of new structures between railways, waterways, roads and ports demands a continuous source of new solutions for optimising processes. As a consequence, engineers are in particular demand in the booming logistics sector in the Ruhr region.
  • Industry remains a key economic sector in the Ruhr region, with new focal points having developed.
  • One of these is materials. In the field of material refinement the Ruhr region boasts particular expertise, with establishments such as the OerflächenCentrum in Dortmund and the Umform-Institut at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
  • Industrial process technology is a further area of focus, with companies collaborating together in the Netzwerk Industrie RuhrOst (NIRO), for example.
  • A third focal point is that of industrial chemicals, which is increasingly aligned towards specialised developments. In this field specialist companies have joined together in the northern part of the Ruhr region to form the Netzwerk ChemSite.
  • Digitalisation is also advancing in the Ruhr region. Software specialists and engineers are required for this sector. Process and product optimisation is a particular focal point in the branch.
  • In this area small and medium-sized companies working on developing software for tailored solutions are frequently to be found in the  Ruhr region. IT security also plays a key role in the digital economy. Leading software developers in this field have already established themselves in the Ruhr region.

Attractive employers - attractive jobs

The Ruhr region is headquarter location of worldwide known enterprises. That is why there are uncountable job opportunities in various fields. Here there are some of them:


City and District Adminstrations are attractive employers! They offer a wide range of different specialised project manangement because structural change is not finished yet. Municipal employers often offer additional Training, Health Management, Family friendly arrangements and Diversity Management.

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