Qualified staff as a “hard” location factor

Relocation Service: an innovative tool helping to attract specialised staff to the Region

The Metropole Ruhr is in competition with other regions and locations. Employment market-related migrations of qualified staff are a key focus for many corporate decisions. In the competition for the best specialised employees, the Metropole Ruhr’s small and medium-sized companies in particular, have to take effective countermeasures and find new approaches to deal with this challenge. 

Relocation Service is provided by the city Administration. The City of Bochum started with an own offer. Regional Roll out is prepared.  

The Economic Development Bochum’s Relocation Service – from A to Bochum (von A nach BO) – functions as an interface between the business community and the municipal administration and, together with a high quality network of regional stakeholders, provides support for the strategic recruitment and retention of suitably qualified and skilled employees.

From A to Bochum – an Economic Development Bochum initiative.  


From A to Bochum: Get your new staff off to a good start in their new surroundings

New job, new town, new surroundings - starting a new job at a new employer's often means double the stress for new staff. On top of the challenges you face at work there are also things like finding somewhere to live, official matters like registering at the town hall and all the other little everyday issues you have to deal with in the first few weeks.

As an employer, you can provide your new staff with really useful support during this phase by using the Economic Development Bochum's from A to Bochum Service. This all-round service guarantees that specialist staff can get off to a good stress-free start in their new work environment and helps to make the most of their full potential. This doesn't just mean achieving higher productivity and gaining the employee's full commitment right from the word go, it can also be a unique selling point for employers.

Small and medium-sized companies are increasingly having to face the task of presenting themselves as attractive employers in face of nationwide competition. In the competition for the best employees you soon ask yourself how you can get your company to stand out from the rest. In addition to providing an attractive employment package of course, there is more and more focus on the other things companies can offer – the so-called soft factors. For potential members of staff and their families, the local infrastructure and the opportunities for social integration in the new environment they will be working and living in, are just as important as the new employer’s actual location.

With their from A to Bochum service for companies, the Economic Development Bochum provides companies in Bochum with an innovative tool for attracting and retaining specialized staff on a national and international scale. from A to Bochum sees itself as a consultant and partner for the companies here because to ensure success, it is also important for candidates to have the right information about the location from the beginning of the recruitment phase. from A to Bochum accompanies the candidates a company has selected during the application procedure and provides them with information personally tailored to their individual needs about housing and infrastructure in the city, about suitable sport and leisure opportunities and much more.

And once the new employment contracts have been signed, from A to Bochum helps to take care of the often time-consuming official visits for registering at the town hall or sorting out public utilities. When looking for the right school for the children or new professional prospects for the Partner or very practical assistance with house moving, from A to Bochum is also there to help. From helping to select the right removals company, to checking and signing for delivery - competent staff is there to provide advice and practical help.

And it goes without saying that all the services are provided at the highest levels of quality. A network of specialists is on hand to answer questions and to make sure all the many sensitive and personal services are carried out well. In this way from A to Bochum guarantees that everyone gets off to a good start in this new phase of their lives.

Orientation tours
These can take place before the move, so candidates can get to know the city, or after the move, so they become even better acquainted with everything on offer in their new environment – we show your candidates what this city is really like.  

Housing search
Right in the middle of the busy city or in a quiet, leafy suburb – we will help to find the ideal home.

We can help with all aspects of the move – from getting quotes from several removals firms and arranging dates, to keeping an eye on and organising the move itself.
Public authorities, banks and insurance
Registration and formalities for Germans, EU-citizens and non-EU-citizens, opening a bank account and finding the right insurance – we know what’s what and can help to arrange and assist with town hall appointments to deal with any formalities, and accompany people to appointments with financial services providers.

Schools and kindergartens
The right school for the children or a place in day-care – we will recommend the right school, make all the contacts and accompany any discussions as required. 

Language courses and intercultural support
If a language qualification is required, if everyday communication skills need brushing up or if help getting in touch with fellow-countrymen is needed, we help to find the right contacts to make sure people understand each other quickly. 
Sport and leisure activities
Active sport or visiting local sports events – we know what ‘s happening where and all the sports clubs in the city.  


Bochum companies are welcome to order these and the other services we offer.
We would be delighted to make you an offer for a tailor-made package.



Economic Development Bochum
(WirtschaftsEntwicklungsGesellschaft Bochum mbH)
Sandra Gagliardi
Project manager von A nach BO
Email:  sandra.gagliardi@bochum-wirtschaft.de
Telephone: +49 234/ 61063-105

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