Target groups: Plenty of good reasons to make a new start in the Ruhr region

Are you interested in living and working in the Ruhr region? You are very welcome! Whether you want to found a company, start a job, enrol on a course or conduct scientific research, there are numerous good reasons for choosing the Ruhr region for this.

Something for everyone: For working and living

With its outstanding infrastructure, dense network of universities and research establishments, a broad range of acclaimed major companies and global market-leading small and medium-sized enterprises, the region offers a great deal, and not just from a vocational viewpoint.

Its closely-linked towns, cities and municipalities mean that the Ruhr region has everything required for life in a metropolitan region - the third largest in Europe. A wide range of cultural events, leisure activities, urban experiences, shopping and options for social interaction. In addition, the cities of Oberhausen, Gelsenkirchen and Essen are amongst the greenest in Germany. In other words, the Metropole Ruhr is not just a good place to work. It is also a good place to live. Not just you, but also your family will feel right at home here.

Information and tips for making a start in the Ruhr region

On the following pages you will find useful information and links to help you master the challenges of making a new start, both professionally and privately, in the Ruhr region. Here you will find useful information and addresses tailored specifically to your requirements - whether you are coming to the Ruhr region as an entrepreneur, a skilled professional, student, researcher or family member.

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