Become a Welcome Guide - your experience is required!

Do you still recall the early days when you first came to Germany and the Ruhr region? Did you find it easy to get started in this new and unfamiliar environment? Or would you have maybe liked to have had someone to talk to about it, someone who had also arrived in Germany from elsewhere, and who could have made your start in the Ruhr region smoother by offering personal tips and experience?

You can help with your knowledge

You have managed it! You have settled into the Ruhr region, gathered extensive experience of everyday life in the area and know where you can meet people from your home country or make new contacts.

Could you be a personal contact for other migrants? As a Welcome Guide you could use all of your knowledge and experience to help people find their feet quickly in their new life, making their start in the Ruhr region an easier one.

New contacts and exciting encounters

In the process you can also make your own contacts with people from all around the world and look forward to interesting encounters and people to swap experiences with. We will train you for this task and support you in your voluntary service with on-site assistance. We are aided in this by the Centrum für bürgerschaftliches Engagement (CBE).

Have we awakened your interest? Then contact our project office and find out about your options as a Welcome Guide. We look forward to seeing you!